Into the Void by Tim Lebbon

Into the Void

By Tim Lebbon

  • Release Date: 2013-05-07
  • Genre: Science Fiction
Score: 4
From 74 Ratings
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On the planet Tython, the ancient Je’daii order was founded. And at the feet of its wise Masters, Lanoree Brock learned the mysteries and methods of the Force—and found her calling as one of its most powerful disciples. But as strongly as the Force flowed within Lanoree and her parents, it remained absent in her brother, who grew to despise and shun the Je’daii, and whose training in its ancient ways ended in tragedy.
Now, from her solitary life as a Ranger keeping order across the galaxy, Lanoree has been summoned by the Je’daii Council on a matter of utmost urgency. The leader of a fanatical cult, obsessed with traveling beyond the reaches of known space, is bent on opening a cosmic gateway using dreaded dark matter as the key—risking a cataclysmic reaction that will consume the entire star system. But more shocking to Lanoree than even the prospect of total galactic annihilation, is the decision of her Je’daii Masters to task her with the mission of preventing it. Until a staggering revelation makes clear why she was chosen: The brilliant, dangerous madman she must track down and stop at any cost is the brother whose death she has long grieved—and whose life she must now fear.

NOTE: This version does not include the Dawn of the Jedi comic insert.

Includes an original Dawn of the Jedi short story by John Ostrander!

Features a bonus section following the novel that includes a primer on the Star Wars expanded universe, and over half a dozen excerpts from some of the most popular Star Wars books of the last thirty years!

Praise for Into the Void
“In a story filled with adventure, intrigue, and great quotes, there’s a lot to like in this book. Tim Lebbon dives into his very first Star Wars story with a great deal of success. He manages to spin a tale that feels like Star Wars, but also feels different from other stories that have been told before. While there is some threat of system wide destruction, the point is never pushed to being ridiculous. The characters feel believable and provoke interest. The attention to the characters never takes away from the plot. There’s also a remarkable balance between world building, plot and character development, and action. When it comes down to it, Dawn of the Jedi: Into the Void is just great storytelling.”—Roqoo Depot
“A nice, compact Star Wars tale that both acts as an introduction to the Dawn of the Jedi period and a standalone story.”—Club Jade
“A solidly enjoyable read . . . a nice addition to the Expanded Universe.”—Tosche Station
“A good solid Star Wars adventure story with heart.”—Knights’ Archive


  • A complex and compelling Star Wars novel (a spoiler-free review)

    By Charizard4Prez
    Dawn of the Jedi is a complex, entertaining, fascinating, and compelling story of the ancient beginnings of what will become the familiar Star Wars universe. That complexity doesn’t always pay off, and at times I felt alienated and confused. But it’s always refreshing when Star Wars publishing takes risks! It’s got a lot going for it, and while I was not 100% satisfied, I was at least engaged. The story’s strong suits are its two major characters, Lanoree and Dalien Brock. The conflict between these two siblings really drives the plot and can pull the reader through the convoluted story elements. Lanoree is an extremely well-crafted female protagonist, who is undeniably good although she straddles the fence of light and dark. The idea of a antagonist who is not just another Sith Lord with daddy issues but instead is compelled to seek his destiny among the stars is a nice change of pace and really works in this case. Furthermore, the book does a good job establishing its sidekick, mentor, droid, spaceship, and home planet. George Lucas fanboys might even be pleasantly surprised by the inclusion and repurposing of his Ashla and Bogan ideas as the moons of said planet, Tython. Despite its strengths, Dawn of the Jedi’s peripheral elements are distracting at times. Someone picking up this novel because it takes place early in the Legends timeline may not discover the helpful comic material published by Dark Horse that really enhance the immense amount of new worldbuilding taking place in this new era of Star Wars storytelling. Without reading the Dawn of the Jedi comics, the Tho Yor concept and the various planets in the Tythan system might just be a bit much to grasp. There’s little doubt that had the sale to Disney not taken place, we would have seen this era receive the attention needed to flesh out the ideas introduced in this novel – but that’s an exchange I’ll make any day. As a novel, this one is good, especially if you’re willing to sink your teeth in. It’s certainly a wild ride!
  • A good beginning

    By RRPillage
    Fun and fast pace; just what you expect from the antics of the Jedi
  • Originality, freshness, and a new and different look st Star Wars

    By Porfinicle
    4 stars for originality, freshness, and a new and different look st Star Wars. For just the writing and plot I would give about 3-1/2 stars. There is one main plot line, that is fairly strait forward, and follows Lanoree Brock's relationship with her brother in the past and in the present. If you are going to read the Dawn of the Jedi comic series this book is a must read. Reading this book first allows you to jump right into the comic series without feeling lost. Through Lanoree you are introduced to the Tython system and the Je'daii's unique understanding of the force. The Je'daii do not focus on just the light side of the force, but instead the balance between the light and the dark. This allows them to occasionally do some very dark things, which is something we are unaccustomed to seeing of the Jedi. One of the payoffs towards the end of the book shows Lanoree going to a very dark place
  • Good book

    By unclejuan
    It took me a while to get into it but at the end is the day I liked the book. Not loved it though. At the end of the book I was hooked though now I am so into the Lenoree story.
  • Great

    By savageopress87
    This book is an excellent tie-in to the comic book series. You do not need to even read the comics to read this book. The flashback element adds an awesome level to the story. It keeps you wondering the whole time. Good jump off point to the EU. May the force be with you!!!!
  • Disappointed-the new episode I of books

    By Platy121
    This book is a huge disappointment for me. From the very beginning the writing style and story just seemed far left of the bullseye. I was hopeful that the writer would use a little kentucky windage and adjust for a center mass bullseye at the end but by that point he wasn't even hitting the target. In the end-a very bad, clunky, disjointed Star Wars book. For me this book is the Episode I of the expanded universe. The opportunity and responsibility to write this foundational story should have been given to a different author. I keep this book in my "back pocket" for one of my vacation was the only disappointment at the beach.
  • Not worth buying

    By another0205
    What a mess of trying to expose a new aspect of the many Star Wars books. Definitely would recommend to not waste your time reading this one.
  • The past never looked brighter

    By Apps gone free
    I was skeptical at first when I heard that there was to be a new series of SW books dealing with the past this far back in SW lore. I can say for certain I am hooked now and can not wait until the next book in this series comes out. Although I do hope the next one is as well written as Tim Lebbon has done here. I think this might have been the fastest I've read a SW book in awhile, it was that good.